“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward

Inspiring quote.

Express your gratitude. Don’t think of it as being humble. There’s a difference of being grateful and gloating. – By N


Feeling lost, feeling like you are stuck in one place?

You might be feeling lost right now and don’t know where you belong or where you should be this current moment. You need to remind yourself that life is not all about knowing where you should be in this current moment.. if that’s the case then everything in life would be very very easy and everyone would have everything they want.

People easily forget that life does not always go to plan. The things you might think you need right now and feel like you deserve right now, can leave you feeling confused and lost… leading you to be distracted from the things going on right now and that are important lessons. You are blurring out things that are happening right now by ruminating than actually concentrating at the things going on around you that are an important part of your growth.

Look at your life right now and think deeply if you had everything you desired in your life, every single thing you’ve ever wanted… if you had it all will you be able to truly appreciate those things ? Others could say yes they would appreciate it and value it very much, but really and truly deep down you won’t be able to appreciate it as much as you would in a few years time when you have it all, and know the struggle you went through.

You are feeling lost right now because you don’t have everything you want but this is the time to be able to work hard and grow within yourself. By the time you have all those things you ever wanted in your life you will be able to truly appreciate it and be thankful and value all those things. It is part of you growing… your own PERSONAL growth.

So remember everything comes in time so try your best to get out of that feeling of being ‘lost’ but use this time to reflect and leave room to be able to see your own personal growth.
It’s easy to say ‘stop feeling lost’ and reading through this you might think how can someone tell me to stop feeling something that I can’t control to feel. However, you need to help yourself get out of that feeling, it will help every single day.
Remind yourself to stop feeling lost because you feel like you don’t have everything you want right now and things you had planned are not happening right this second. But know that by the time those things come you will be more appreciative and be READY and focused on what you have. You will work hard yourself to keep that and remember those times you felt lost and confused but now you have all you wanted. Surely that will remind you of where you came from, what you have been through and you will appreciate it and use all your power to keep that motivation.

So instead of feeling lost and like you are stuck in one place, you are really not stuck in one place you are choosing to be ignorant of your own life stages. You are constantly growing and learning, so that is definitely not ‘stuck in one place’. You are growing every single day and in every single situation… you need to be able to notice your own personal growth, rather than being ignorant of how far you have come, it is not being stuck in one place.

You are not lost, you are at a stage in life where it is essential to reflect and prepare for the next upcoming stages.



“We must let go of the life we have planned… to accept the one that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell

Acceptance —

Life can be hard sometimes, well most times if anyone else can relate. The most painful thing you can experience is letting go, letting go of things we have planned, things in our mind that we want accordingly, but that’s not how life works. You can’t have everything you want and how you plan it, it’s almost impossible (nothing is impossible). However, we need to be able to let go of the life we have planned, things we have planned in our heads, we can play it in our minds over and over again. But to be able to move on in life and be able to grow you have to come to terms to accept not everything you want you will get but don’t let that put you down, because eventually you will have everything you want but due in TIME.

Time is key in life and being acceptance in life works accordingly, you will have your happiness and be able to grow into the woman/ man you ought to be. Everything happening right now will help you and shape you into the great person you will be, so don’t sit there and blame others for things going on in your life that is not going with the life you planned out and that you envisioned. But instead use that to motivate you to grow and accept the life that is waiting for you.

Something great out there will eventually come to you, right now you might not be able to see it as you are blinded by the life you had planned, that life you sit down laying in your bed and you know step by step how you want it to be, how it is going to happen. But instead of mentally putting stress on yourself thinking stage by stage of the life you had planned and you can’t let go of that life as it didn’t go accordingly, now you are ruminating. Use that motivation of the life you had planned, that you were excited about and ACCEPT the life that is waiting for you.

Something great out there will happen and you will be in utter shock that you couldn’t let go of the life you originally had planned and finally accept the one that was waiting for you all along.

When all seems to be falling apart

When all seems to be falling apart is the time your strength is really tested.

You have to be stronger than you’ve ever been. All the things you have accomplished can be blurred out, the times you struggled and overcame can be easily forgotten at the time your life seems to be falling apart. But those are the times you ought to remember and use that energy and have control over your life, those times are reminders of the things you are going through, those times are your most strength, it’s the times you have to remember that you went through a hard time but came out of that hard time !

Use your past to better your future, use your past as a strength for now, it’s easy to say and hard to put to test.

But my advice would be to look at the past and look at now, yes your life might seem to be falling apart but I guarantee there was a time you felt like this before but you got through it and now it’s like a car has stopped on the side road, what do you do when a car stops working ? You fix it, you call for help to come fix the car. So look at yourself as like a car that has stopped working and you seek to fix it, either yourself or if you don’t know you seek for help. It will surely be fixed again. Call for help from either within yourself or from others around you, your family, friends or anyone else you can confide in. But remember seeking for help does not make you weak it does not make you any less than anyone else.

You have the power over your life than anyone else can ever have power over you.

So when your life seems like it’s falling apart, remember yourself as that car has stopped working, it is not written off the road but purely is a glitch through your life like the other times you have over come that is now blurred out because you overcame it.

Life is one big test and it’s only you who can have control of the next step to take, it doesn’t make you any less or weak with the way you are feeling right now. YOU have the STRENGTH to make your life turn right around. But remember it doesn’t mean it will change right this second, it’s a step by step and patience is key 🔐 which you will find out in the next few chapters.

You are scared to lose people, not because you will miss them but because you will miss the routine.

Remember the days you had a routine? What time you would wake up, what you would do that day and that week? Who you would message or call first thing in the morning? Remember the routine?

No, no you don’t remember the time because time goes fast, days go by the years go by, you don’t specifically remember the routine because things change daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
You remember certain parts of it but you can’t purely miss that routine forever as life carries on and you forget the routine. Slips away like the wind and fades away like sand.

Therefore, if you can forget that routine surely you can live your life without fear of losing someone and what they used to do that made you happy at that time. That routine is easily forgettable within time.­­

So don’t be afraid to lose people as once before you had a routine that if you are asked on the spot you would need to think long and hard of a specific routine.

Time goes, the days and weeks and years go by, you meet new people and learn a lot of things so don’t be afraid of losing people… it is not them you will miss as much … it’s the routine.

But I can assure you that sooner or later you will forget that routine. So don’t worry yourself too much, eventually sooner or later you will get over missing the “routine”. Quite soon as the days, weeks and months go by.

That routine was once not a routine before, so you will get through it.